Sunday, July 10, 2011

Perfume Obsession: Blood orange Thirst

Why the hell can't I find the right perfume?! I've been searching for months for the perfect blood orange perfume for summer and lo and behold, they barely even exist! And when they do exist they can't be found at my local Ulta or Sephora or even parfumania or they are incredibly expensive!
or even worse they just dont last. Escada Taj smelled AMAZING!!!! But an hour later and it had gone to perfume Siberia and there was not even a hint that it had even touched my skin. There is not way in Heaven or hell that i would buy something so weak and cowardly for over $40.  Amor Amor Summer 2011 or elixer is no where to be found.... ANYWHERE! Ayala Moriel is no where to be found either along with DKNY's Summer.
The two the really caught my eye were Hugo Boss Deep Red (only available at perfumania for $40) and Mata Hari (named after the famed fleshy, lovely dancer) dsh perfume which is way over my price range (85$ for 5ml!!!!) , the one whose description made my heart pound like I had just fallen in love or hell even just become some fiery vixen! check out this review and you will see what i mean as well as get some background info on this woman if you dont know of her
as well as this one
I swear even the description just makes me want to take my clothes off and eat an orange on the beach at night. And I never say things like that! Nor do I do things like that! Hell, I wont even wear skimpy bathing suits other than to tan in the privacy of my VERY private back yard and even then everything major is covered and i usually walk in and out in a skirt and top, just in case there is unexpected company. In fact, the only person who has seen me naked (and even then I was wearing a towel) in a long time was my best friend and thats only because she's a girl and I was running behind.
But none the less, This one perfume with all its forbidden-ness drives me wild and is becoming quite an obsession and yet there seems to be no way for me to get a hold of it or anything like it. If you happen to know of a way I could get a hold of it for cheaper (yes i've checked ebay, amazon, and overstock) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me!!!!
By all means, please suggest other perfumes with blood orange and a similar concoction but I honestly just feel jaded by perfume at this point. Or share your stories of perfume frustration or success. Ha! I'm starting to think I'm even frustrating my boyfriend with this whole perfume mess.

Mata Hari^

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