Saturday, July 2, 2011

7/2/11 calorie list

A lot of this is approximate. I intend to have more exact measurements in the future. This is by no means a plan. if anything im just trying to see how many calories I consume and use up every day.
2 pieces of whole grain buttered toast with cinnamon sugar- 272 calories
coffee with creamer and sugar- about 70 calories, never got a straight answer for this
Total: 342 calories
buttered green beans, about 1 cup (?)-177 calories, not even sure if it was a full cup
small smoothie king angel food smoothie with diet down-  370 calories
Total: 547 calories
Chicken breast seasoned with lemon, salt and pepper- 200 (and this is REALLY approximate)
cooked carrots-127
Total: 327
Snacks: fruit leather-45 calories
Work out:
cardio machine (about 3.5 miles)- 525 calories
weights (probably about 5- 10 minutes)- 50
Total: -575 calories
NET CALORIES: 696 calories

I do need to drink more water and figure out what my REAL calorie intake was on the coffee. I have no idea how much water i have had today but I know it isn't enough. i need to do research on how many calories i need to consume and burn to lose weight and remain healthy


So I haven't gone grocery shopping yet so I have very little to choose from and I am not really ready to make a meal plan. Its still summer so I'm still at home. Not at SCAD yet but we find out what houses we stay at on the 8th. Thank GOD!!!! Its killer waiting for it. I really want to know who my roommate is so that i can start sizing the poor girl up. Kidding. 
Anyways, what am i supposed to eat for breakfast in this country? I'm so used to eating cereal that when I think of breakfast that is the first thing i think of. But if you walk down the cereal aisle and actually READ the boxes you will notice that even the cereals that claim to be healthy are really just sugar, sugar and corn syrup... and maybe some whole grain. And they are not very straight forward with their serving sizes. on some boxes its per 3/4 cup. on others its per 24 biscuits and it will be the same exact brand just different flavors. How am i supposed to know what 24 biscuits looks like? or much less compare the boxes? The healthiest thing i found was Kashi's version of cheerios.... and it tastes like cardboard. i found myself putting my own sugar in it because it was just too gross to swallow. So it that was a bust.
As for eggs and bacon, not much of a fan of either. I've never really liked ham or pork products. makes me feel bloated. As for the eggs, my favorite recipe is an old family one where you put vanilla cream and some cheese and scramble it. In other words, you put a shit ton of sugar and oil in it. And I've never really like eggs with out it, but truth be told, i haven't really tried much. I have always been a really picky eater. So i think i should look into other scrambled egg recipes to see what i can find that is healthier and maybe get some veggies in.
As for today, i was hoping to have some greek yogurt and raspberries but lo and behold both have gotten too old and i had to throw them out. So I ended up eating two peices of whole grain toast with organic butter and cinnamon sugar (i hear cinnamon helps your metabolism) and organic no sugar added apple sauce. And coffee of course. I will not be giving that up. Don't even suggest it. It will not happen. I used organic vanilla cream and real sugar. I will probably make a post about the great sugar debate later. Does anyone know the truth about that? Splenda? Truvia? WTF? What wrong with REAL sugar?
Also, I'm curious about this Trop50 orange juice. I've heard that orange juice tends to have a lot of sugar in it but this one has 50% less sugar and calories in it supposedly. Tastes ok, but i haven't really read the ingredients.
So yeah, thats what i had for breakfast today. Probably going to go for an hour of cardio and a little bit of weights in a few. i would like to burn at least 500 calories today.
Post scrambled egg recipes!!!!!