Monday, August 1, 2011

Roommate day: so far, its torture

So today is the day we find out who our roommates are.... and they hve yet to send out the e-mails. So I'm sitting here thinking of all the awful possibilities I could end up with and this is what I've got so far:
  • Doesn't have a facebook- yes i know this sounds silly but I'm ready to start talking about room plans, like, NOW. And I really don't want to have to search all over facebook just to find out that she doesn't have one and furthermore, that i have no way to contact her and discuss these plans. 
  • That she will hate me- This is not hard to do. I'm not the nicest person in the world, especially if I feel my personal space is invaded and a dorm room, well, has no personal space. Plus, when I get really excited about something I kind of start to make all these plans and have all these ideas and I'm kind of worried I might bombard her with all of these plans or (accidentally) make her feel like her opinion doesn't matter. I would HATE for this to happen!
  • That I will hate HER- I'm a pretty particular person and I'm really used to having my own space, my sleep un-interrupted, and only my own mess to clean. Oh, and my own closet. I'm REALLY used to that (I actually have two closets: one fairly small closet for all the current clothes of the season and one very large walk in closet above the previous closet, there is a ladder leading from one to the other, for the clothes of last season, special occasions, costumes, and repairs). And some of these changes are going to be difficult for me to swallow... particularly the sharing of the closet part.  And the sleeping part, yeah, I pity anyone who tries to wake me up too soon. I'm sort of scary.... OK, I'm a friggin' monster! But i'm also willing to compromise and discuss and work out any issues we may have. 
  • That some of my things will just randomly... go missing- I typically would never suspect anyone of stealing. Its just not something I usually think about.... until I read all these awful roommate horror stories! Now, I still highly doubt anyone from this amazing art school would do anything like that. But still, a lot of the things I own have a lot of emotional attachment, like my grandfather's sweater, my grandmother's rings, the dress I got in Thailand, and theft is just such an awful thing not just for someone to do, but to accuse someone of doing. And I NEVER want to have to deal with that. 
  • That my roommate and I will have no connection- I completely understand if we aren't best friends or anything or even if we just don't hang out. That's totally cool with me and I won't take it personally, but I would like to enjoy coming back to the dorm and see this person there. Hell, I would love to be good friend's with my roommate just like I was with mine at WashU Portfolio Plus. But at the very least, I don't want to feel like I'm coming home to some stranger I just happen to share a room with. 
  • That my roommate will like me too much- Sounds silly right? Well, if you think about it, its really not. do I want to be friends with my roommate? Yes. Would I like to be close friends with my roommate? Hell, yeah! Do I want my roommate to follow me around all the time and make me feel bad because I didn't include her in one stupid thing that she wasn't even interested in? Hell to the no!
  • That she won't tell me when there is a problem- I really want to get along with my roommate. And a lot of that involves communication. Future roommate: if there is any sort of problem, even if its small and stupid, please tell me. I sincerely want you to like me and I am willing to reasonably compromise to make that happen. And I can't fix a problem if I don't know that there is one
  • That I will get one of the haunted dorms- I know, this also sounds silly but seriously, look at this site! It has all the SCAD dorms and the hauntings. Apparently SCAD and the RA's take it really seriously too. 
  • That I will get stuck with the prude who cant even change clothes in front of me-I mean, geez, We're both adults here and the girl who hides in the closet or bathroom to change just makes things even more awkward. Or that she will hate me because I dont go to church. I'm from Texas, a very deep red state, so I'm kind of an anomalous and I've actually lost friends because I dont go to church, or i don't go to THEIR church, or because of my political beliefs. To me, that stuff is deeply personal and should never be a reason to stop being friends with someone, or worse, treat them like crap. I'm pretty accepting of all walks of life, religious, non religious, saints, sinners. And I would hope that my roommate would be too. 
  • That she will encourage me to eat shitty food. - I really dont need that right now
  • That I will have to wait forever to find out who my roommate is!!!!! COME ON SCAD!!!! 


Josie said...

what do ya'll think? Am I being irrational? Are ya'll freaked out too? What scares you the most?

Abe Lemur Ross said...

awww hahaha dont worry so much. specially about the stealing cause...if they do you know where they live lol

I don't think you're being irrational, but I also think you dont have to make yourself crazy about it. even if you and your roomate dont become bffls off the bat, most roomates just y'know live together. they just have to be okay with the other persona breathing

Josie said...

haha! thanks

so i finally got the email on who my roommate is... and Facebook is shut down so i cant stalk her!

Josie said...

awesome. no longer worried