Sunday, July 24, 2011

Peacock dance!!!!!

ok, so I'm aware that this is completely random but I have a fascination with peacocks. The dance gets kinda boring after a minute but still, what a beautiful bird!

Back to Black

Amy Winehouse was found dead yesterday morning in her apartment.
My reaction: GOD DAMN IT!!!
In all honesty, I kinda saw it coming as I'm sure we all did. But somehow her death still stroke quite a chord on my heart strings. Surprisingly, it was actually my mom (I'm sure you are tired of hearing about her) who introduced me to Winehouse's music on a road trip to Detroit. By the end of the first day (its a two day trip from my hometown in Texas to my mother's hometown in Michigan) we were singing every song on her Back to Black album. My two favorite songs were always "Black to Black" and "Tears dry on their own" and I considered them to be my best break up songs. They got me through a lot shitty relationships and reminded that I was a bad ass and did not need "stupid men" and that even so, it was ok to still cry and feel passionately (obviously i never really paid much attention to the drug references). She was also the only singer I could confidently sing to and sort of emulate in the car or shower and some of the only songs that I would sing if I were ever forced to sing karaoke. I had always lumped her with greats such as Aretha Franklin, and Whitney Houston and yet she had this rare, wonderful nitty gritty feeling that was bad ass, ugly and sexy. I fear that we will never hear another singer like her in this shamefully pathetic music industry where people settle for only things with "a great dance beat" or the shit that gets stuck in you head like Rebecca Black's "Friday" or just the shit thats just shitty and shallow and emotionless. And what really drives me crazy is that the populace eats it up like its honey and forget about the people who actually HAVE talent! But I will stop there as to not go off on some crazy rant.
Back to my point: I miss Amy Winehouse. I miss her music. I miss her smokey, sexy feel and her bad ass confidence. I miss the way she dressed with its loose, dirty sex appeal. And above all, I miss her talent. Unfortunately, I have a very busy day ahead of me so I will not be able to make this post as long as I would have liked so I will leave you with one of my favorites of hers and a link to a fantastic photo shoot that pays homage to her tough sultry style.

Rest in Peace Amy. And worry not, for our tears will also dry on our own.