Friday, July 1, 2011

So I guess this is where I introduce myself

Hey I'm Josie, I'm 18, and I just got into the college of my dreams, SCAD, which is an art school in Savannah, Georgia. I'm a fashion major but I'm also pursuing marketing as well as minoring in.... something else. I'll figure it out later. I am 5ft tall and weigh *oh my god this hurts just to type it* 135 lbs. And, well, I'm fed up. I've had it. I'm done. I want to not only defy the freshman 15 but also LOSE 15 lbs before school ends this year.
But worry not! This will not be another one of those incredibly boring and pathetic weight loss blogs where the girl complains about how fat she is and how sad life is and how much she misses chocolate (ok, so maybe there will be some of that) but I intend to make this as interesting as possible, I mean, I'm going to an ARTS college. There is bound to be some crazy shit going on.
This is not going to be just a blog about losing weight. This will be a blog about being a college freshman, making friends, fashion, sewing, drawing, attempting to cook out of a microwave (and possibly a croc pot) as there is no kitchen for student use, the crazy shit that is bound to happen, not sleeping, and the challenges that I and my fellow students come across. And trust me, there will be crazy stuff and I will tell you as much as i can. I might even have to use code names ;)

I might also post some of my work. Right now im working on a Victorian Corset. I'll post pictures of the process later as well as my first "before" picture.

I will post recipes and meal and work out plans on a daily or weekly basis (haven't decided yet) and will weigh myself weekly and post that weight whether it be good or bad. Any posts in between will probably just be funny stories or challenges or maybe just something thats going on in my life. I've also heard that laughing can help you lose weight so I will try to post a good joke when i find one. Feel free to post your own. I've also heard singing or talking when you work out helps... oh those poor souls at ClubSCAD (the campus work out facility).

I'm not going to ask much of you, invisible internet people. In fact, I only ask that you read my blog. However, i will encourage you to comment and tell me your story. Perhaps you could send me healthy recipes I could make in a microwave or croc pot or tips on how to get skinny or how to eat healthy on a college campus that is known for students gaining not only 15lbs but 25! Or just words of encouragement. Hell, at this point, I'll even take editing tips from even grammar nazis. By all means, do tell me any way i could improve in any way shape or form be it in my work, my weight loss, my writing skills or anything else really. Keep in mind that this is my first blog. Yep, never done it before. First time. Not sure if anyone will even read this. So, please if you do come across this blog, post it on facebook or twitter or if you still myspace.


EndofSunrise said...

Well with the hot weather and the beautiful city to jog around in Savannah, that should be easy.

Josie said...

i certainly hope so.

Nahteboy said...

Fun, informative and entertaining. Good luck with it. I think you're creative style will have a following.