Saturday, July 9, 2011

Need a work out playlist!!!!!!

OK, so its no secret that I'm typically more of a low key, jazz, classic rock kind of girl but that kind of music doesn't really get me pumped to work out. So I ask my wonderful boyfriend what he does and apparently he has this playlist (why the hell did I not think of this?!) with tons of songs like lil' wayne and linkin park (LOVE linkin park). Who else does this? Whats on your playlist? and more importantly, what should i put on mine?!
Going to the gym right now. I'm going to mull this over but by all means, post what you do, what you think I should do, who to listen to, who you listen to, what really gets you pumped?
thanks you guys. really need the motivation

oh... and does anyone know where I can find a 32DD sports bra? I am having the hardest time! The first one to find me one either on line or in store will.... get mentioned? idk. ill think of something. maybe ill sing a Thank You song

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Katie Mae said...

Lady Gaga has a few goodies - born this way, hair, matty the night, schible, bad romance to name a few, otherwise bloc party flux, westlife when you're looking like that, moby is always a treat too