Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Semper Fi GF

I have recently been informed that my boyfriend is pursuing the marines. My initial reaction, of course, was bad. I really did not want him to do it but I told him that I wasn't going stop him because he would never stop me from pursuing what I wanted to do with my life. None the less, I was (not) secretly delighted when he told me that the marines would not take him because of the many broken bones he acquired from BMX sports. Thank GOD for a boy's recklessness!!! He woke me up the next morning (with a phone call) to tell me that the marines will take him after all (shit!) as long as he does well enough on the test and he will only be able to take a desk job (oh thank god!). And I decided: I can handle that. So He has been studying his butt off. My only concern now is the distance apart and the time we will spend away, which would have been inevitable since I'm already leaving for Georgia in a little over a month. and who knows? Maybe he will even be stationed closer to me. But still, I cant help but be a little ill at ease with that situation.
But eventually I put those thoughts of worry aside and actually thought about what I thought was going to happen or change and I realized: not much. Just because he's in anther city does not make me less crazy about him. We wouldn't have been in the same city anyways. At least this way we can both spend the next four years preparing to do what we want to do with our lives and become who we always wanted to be. Could things fall apart? Yes. But I honestly don't feel that it will. At least not any time soon. I was reminded of something that I had heard in the Sex in the City 2 movie (I'm still obsessed with this show. I'm sure I've seen them all multiple times). Carrie's butler, when asked about his relationship with his distant wife, said  “When we see each other time doesn’t matter. Each time we see each other, it’s wonderful” And isn't that what really matters? Its not the amount of time you spend together but the quality of time and the quality of the person you are spending time with. I gotta say, I see him every few days and each day is wonderful no matter what we are doing. Hell, I dont even need an hour with him to cheer me up for a week.
 On the car ride to the mall with my mom says "its a shame you two can't be together. I like him more and more everyday" "yeah he kinda grows on you like that. And what do you mean?" "Well, you're not going t be in the same cities anymore and probably not even in the same state" "so?" 
I'm sure many of you reading this must think I'm in some crazy fairy tale land and maybe I am. But I assure you, I'm looking at this as realistically as possible. First of all: I have amazing flight benefits so as long as he remains in the U.S. (as he probably will) I can visit him for nearly nothing. Second of all: he gets great benefits! And makes a good bit of money too. Third: once he is out of the service getting a good job will be as easy as pie. Fourth: the dress blues are sexy. And it is very respectable and I would be insanely proud of him. Fifth: Um, I'm going to be in college. I'm going to be working my ass off in the name of art and Fashion. And when I'm not working my ass off there, I will be working my ass off... at the gym. Or, of course, I will be making friends and having a good time. And I've always wanted to write a letter to a man in the military. I guess I could start with my own man. Does anyone know what the program is? The one that gives you a soldier to write letter to? If anyone ever finds out let me know. "
So in other words, I'm no longer worried. If it works out, great. If not, well, I'm still awful proud to know him.

But yeah, I've had this one song stuck in my head all day and I have to post it. I think its just too perfect.

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