Friday, July 29, 2011

Finding a Nutritional Dominatrix

So after looking around my town for possible diet options (nutritionists, diet programs, stuff like that) I realized that just about every other place had some sort of gimmick that I had no interest in, like drugs and massive amounts of expensive supplements. When my mother realized "Oh hey! You have a 24 hour membership! I'm going to call them and see what they say." She made an Appointment with this muscly guy who pretty much just asked me what my goals were and things along that line and he directed me to one of his trainers/nutrionists. I had an appointment set up as soon as possible, attended said appointment and was pleasantly surprised. The nutrition plan she had made was very doable... even enjoyable. I got introduced into muscle milk as a night time snack/chocolate fix.... and my GOD was it good!!! I was actually very sad when it was gone. She incorporated things that i liked and ate often like my turkey and cheese sandwich from which which (which I always cut and half and save the rest for later) and my love for berries and broccoli. I now eat 6 times a day at specific times (way more often than I'm used to eating) 3 hours apart and have an APEX account and she has promised that I will not be able to get away with anything, so I will now be micromanaged by a nutritional fitness dominatix. And that is exactly what I needed.
I now also have to go to the gym EVERY SINGLE DAY and if i miss a day, I have to double up. And I am now upping my work out schedule so that on days that I bellydance I am also going for a run or gettting at least 30 min of hard cardio. I am also logging EVERYTHING. even a bite of celery and at what time. Hoping to get the body bugg, a little device that tracks the amount of calories you have burned, but its pretty expensive. I may just have to dip into my graduation money but god knows I'm incredibly stingy with money once it goes into saving. In fact, I've never taken money out of my savings before.
I have also just discovered that the power crunch bars I get to have for my afternoon snack can be ordered online with FREE shipping! That makes life for the poor college student with out a car significantly easier.
for now i am having my morning snack because, according to my summer sleep schedule, 2:30pm. is still morning to my body. its quite delicious actually. Plain nonfat greek yogurt with stevia, 2 mango slices and a pinch of almonds. Surprisingly filling. I have not yet gotten the power crunch bars or the Apex whey drink mix (they didnt have it at costco). but that is on my schedule today. Now if only I could actually get myself to start that dang apex account!

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