Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 3: 7/4/11, Declaration of Independence

On this great day of our beloved country's Declaration  of Independence I have decided that I will declare mine.

I, Josie, am no longer dependent on food that is bad for me. I will eat food that both my body and my tastebuds love for my body is my temple, and my temple protects my soul. I will no longer eat out of boredom, sadness, loneliness, or just because. I will eat when I am hungry and when my body needs nourishment. I will go to the gym, work out, and give my body the activity that it needs. I will take my vitamins every single day and ensure that I get enough fruits, vegetables, and protein to keep my body healthy. I will drink enough water to keep my body hydrated and clean and my skin soft and clear. I will try food that I haven't tried or haven't liked in the past if it is beneficial to me. I will stop sitting on my couch feeling sorry for myself and actually do enjoyable things with my life. I will finally give in to my dog and take her for a walk. I will stop complaining about how boring my life is and actually do something about it. I will finish old projects and start the ones that I have always wanted to do. I know that I am creative and that there are so many more fun and interesting things that i could be doing than sitting in front of the tv. I could be drawing, creating and writing and reading and living. I will be my own motivation. I will accept myself for who I am and what I've been given but I will ensure that I better both as well as give back. I will be passionate about the things I care about. I will explore. I will appreciate those who love and support me. I will use my basic rights Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness because many people have worked hard and died to give me these basic rights. And by living the way I have am I not fully taking advantage of my rights.

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