Saturday, July 2, 2011

7/2/11 calorie list

A lot of this is approximate. I intend to have more exact measurements in the future. This is by no means a plan. if anything im just trying to see how many calories I consume and use up every day.
2 pieces of whole grain buttered toast with cinnamon sugar- 272 calories
coffee with creamer and sugar- about 70 calories, never got a straight answer for this
Total: 342 calories
buttered green beans, about 1 cup (?)-177 calories, not even sure if it was a full cup
small smoothie king angel food smoothie with diet down-  370 calories
Total: 547 calories
Chicken breast seasoned with lemon, salt and pepper- 200 (and this is REALLY approximate)
cooked carrots-127
Total: 327
Snacks: fruit leather-45 calories
Work out:
cardio machine (about 3.5 miles)- 525 calories
weights (probably about 5- 10 minutes)- 50
Total: -575 calories
NET CALORIES: 696 calories

I do need to drink more water and figure out what my REAL calorie intake was on the coffee. I have no idea how much water i have had today but I know it isn't enough. i need to do research on how many calories i need to consume and burn to lose weight and remain healthy

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