Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Super Update!!!!

Hey so I've been busy! Thats why I've barely posted. But i'm going to very quickly post and update on just about everything that has happened lately
I've lost two pounds! Yay!!! And They have Zumba at SCAD 3 times a week!!! but i think i can only make 2 of them b/c of my class schedule. oh well, two is better than one! and im working out a fitness and nutrition schedule as we speak and have another meeting with my trainer this friday.
I got my class schedule! im crazy excited. only really have 4 classes to worry about band they're all only about 2.5 hours long and a couple times a week. They are: Fashion, drawing, communications and first year experience (which is one hour long and only once a week).
I got a new and cooler roommate! yay! And I've gotten just about everything I needed for my dorm except stuff for the bathroom and stuff I'll get when I get there. I'm feeling significantly better about having a roommate and am no longer freaking out. so far, i think she's pretty cool and have a lot in common.
I finally found my perfect perfume! I found it completely on accident and after i gave up. I was looking for new cowgirl boots (which I have yet to find) so i went into Shepler's and happened across this perfume on our way out and just decided to spray some on since i wasn't wearing any. in the car i realized that i really like it! then i went to work... and i smelled it all day even after my shift was over! It's called Vaquera and it had a great price (only $28!!!) and has bitter orange, vanilla, cinnamon, precious woods and some other stuff  and it just came in the mail today!
bought a bike for travel! its perfect. got this great vintage look.
I'm doing great at work but unfortunately had to give my two weeks notice a few days ago b/c im leaving for Savannah in two weeks. really freaked me out actually. had no idea i was leaving so soon.
most of my friends have already left for college so im kinda on my lonesome besides my boyfriend
yeah, thats it for now. kinda excited to leace but also getting a little nervous

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