Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So this is my first video, you guys. Be gentle.
if it doesnt show up you can click this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMM4H0H78M8
thanks :)


MorganMcCarty said...

Hi josie! Im Morgan McCarty, im actually going to SCAD in the fall too i have seen you on the scad group and thats where i found your blog. I understand completely what you are going through, especially the fashion industry aspect (im majoring in fashion too). I just came back from swarm and i asked about the freshman 15 and they said that with the amount of walking/bike riding in the heat, most people actually loose weight their first year! haha but i understand the pressure completely and i just want you to be careful, i know first hand how easy it is to just stop eating all together, ive been struggling with eating for years! and to be honest it was the modeling thing that really sparked everything for me. haha i am very excited for clubSCAD, especially the zumba classes :) but anyways, i just want to wish you luck on your weight loss endeavor! (although to be honest, i think you look great, from what ive seen on your facebook! plus really 32DD?!?! embrace those puppies!! im a longterm member of the itty bitty titty committee!)

Josie said...

You are so sweet!
truth be told, I'm actually about 15 lbs overweight (have had this confirmed by both doctor and fitness trainer) and I don't look as good as I am capable of. This past year has been crazy. I had lost over 5 lbs and then I had a major car accident and as a result a fractured vertebrae. I ended up gaining all the weight back and then some... right before Prom. Lovely, right? and yes, I'm a 32DD and no its not at all how its cracked up to be. NO ONE sells bras in my size. As for the eating, trust me, I love food WAY too much. Greek food, Italian, Thai, middle eastern, I love it all!!! Plus, I like that I can have boobs and an ass and that most models cant (sorry, not to be mean. there are actually many times I wish i could join that committee.... but i never get invited). I may not ever be as skinny or tall as them, but at least I never have to pay for implants. thanks so much for commenting Morgan! I really hope you enjoy reading and that you feel that you can share here as well. :)