Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Serene Tsunami and My Love: A Dream

So I know this has nothing to do with my blog... at all. But it was just so odd I had to share it. I apologize for not editing, it is very early in the morning. Here is my dream:

I am in some sort of youth hostel in a coastal European city. With me are my boyfriend, Tarryn (one of my longest friends) and some of her friends as well as a few of my acquaintances and some random people I didn't know. We were having quite a lovely time. We had smushed all of our twin beds together so that we could be close to each other. The sheets were white and we were near a large window probably on the 4th or 5th floor. Maybe even the third but my point is we are just above some of the nearby houses which are all made out of stone and look like they have been there for forever and there are definitely a few floor above us. Someone looks out at the coast from the window at the other side of the room and says that there was a tsunami coming and we had to prepare quick! There was a moment where everyone seemed like they weren’t sure what we should do but then it seemed like people just suddenly knew what we needed to do. We had brought these sort of scuba diving masks looking things but they didn’t need to be attached to a tank. They just took the oxygen from the water. Other people who weren’t as prepared or fortunate just covered their mouths with cups and reused their own air. We layed down on the beds (no where else to go except for maybe the bathroom or hallway) and coverd ourselves with a big white sheet I look over to my right and there’s my boyfriend. He holds my hand firmly as the wave came and enveloped us almost like we were just at the beach laying in the sand and the water just rushing up our bodies. I didn’t feel fear although I was a little anxious but I felt like everything was going to be fine. Tarryn seemed just as placid. The water filled the room and I just focused on breathing and my boyfriend's hand in mine. The water was a dark inky blue grey and it filled the room but I felt that I could see clearly. There was a little bit of a feeling of vertigo but it wasn’t unpleasant. My boyfriend's hand stayed in mine. And as quick as it came the water went back to the ocean leaving our room. I had my eyes closed but I remember feeling like I was slowly, carefully falling almost like we were gently being put back to bed. I open my eyes after the water is gone and sit up and look at my boyfriend. He just has that sweet yet cocky grin he always has as he smiles at me and holds my forearm. I look out the window and see how green everything is. There are tree limbs and debris all over the place and some places still look marshy and wet but the overall feeling is very green and full of trees. I look up to find that the floors above us are gone and instead there is a tree top covering the majority of the “roof” I notice how on one side the leaves are going from green to yellow to red. And I think its pretty. I look out the window again and say something about the older watermarks on the stone houses and another girl starts talking about a time she once traveled to a castle and looked down at the watermarks and the news people caught her and put it on tv. And then everyone just swaps travel and history stories and I wake up. 

Its so weird. I would certainly be interesting to hear someone's dream interpretation of that, not that i necessarily believe in such things. Now that I look back on it, it kind of reminds me of the song "At the Bottom of Everything" by Bright eyes (if you haven't heard it before you should really look it up... or i might post it. I love this song). Anyways, thats what I have to say on this lovely, obnoxiously early morning. Let me know of you at least found this interesting or if you happen to have a theory on the ryme or reason for this dream. Crazy and possibly "stupid answers are always welcome.
Oh! and good morning! Hope you are enjoying your coffee because I sure need some.
and yes there is supposed to be talking at the begining. its kind if important but of it bothers you just skip a min. 

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